It’s what I do when my smart phone is acting up. When I’ve exhausted every imaginable instruction, trick and hack, I reboot… in a last resort sort of way. “Why don’t I just do it first?” I wonder. It takes time. It disconnects me from that which keeps me connected to the world. And, quite frankly, I don’t trust that everything will load the same way again and it will be worse off.

After working in the corporate sector for over 15 years, I decided to take a professional pause. I could have given you a long list of reasons NOT to take one including one that I still believe in – never let go of your ability to fend for yourself. In a world that has told me repeatedly that my worth is directly linked to my job title and the number of zeros on a paycheck, I chose to let it all go.

It was humiliating. I felt reduced. Disgraced. Shamed. I felt a deep sense of rejection that took me months to rise up from. But I also believe that change is good… and that I always end up in a better place. It’s a narrative I’ve held close to my chest and that I’ve relied on.

It gave me space and time to rest, reflect, and plan a do-over.

In that pause, I looked at the patterns that have evolved in my life – great ones – and ones I didn’t like. I learned the one strategy that made all the difference in creating a different outcome. I created a vision for what I wanted for myself and road map on how to get there.

In essence, I rebooted myself, and changed the narrative on which I was basing my story.

I still get glitchy from time to time. What about you? If you could reboot, what would be different?